Insecurities Pt. 2

Why? Why do you act this way?

F•R•I•E•N•D•S Pt.1

After an exhausting day,
The sky painted an unreal blue,
The cranky old wooden bridge loomed ahead
We ran laughing, our skirts swishing behind us
Mischievous smile plastered on our faces
One hand constantly checking the pockets,
For the pennies
Ran past the lush green meadows,
Where three Welaras neighed at us, welcoming
And reached old Tom’s Bakery, all out of breath,
Heavenly smell of croissants and macaroons, Wafting right into our souls, refreshing
Eating all the goodies, relishing every bite, When I realised
‘My pennies are gone!’, I whispered, panicked
You’ll didn’t mind.
The antique wall clock, Tom’s most prized possession, signalled the beginning of dusk,
Everyone looked at everyone, realisation striking,
Scared about what awaited at home,
Yet our eternally satisfied tummies rebelled against our minds,
Running all the way back over the cranky wooden bridge,
With the stars peeping at us, in the lavender hued sky,
We reached our homes, safe haven,
Got stern warnings from the parents,
As I lay on the bed, staring out the window, the meadows spread ahead,
I realised,
‘You were with me when I had those pennies
And You were there WITH me when I lost them.’

Thinking back today,
Happy tears spill,
Gosh, how I love that day!

– Laurie

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han |Book Review

Book: The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

Honestly, this was an unexpected re-read, and I’d say I was quite happy that I read it again. The book feels both breezy and deep at the same time, if you understand what I mean? The characters Belly, Conrad, Jeremiah, Steven, Susannah, and Laurel, are so lovable. The best thing about the book, according to me, is the relationships in the story, every single relationship. The relationship between the Belly and the boys is 100% worth fawning over.

Belly is a super relatable character. The song, “What Makes You Beautiful”, by One Direction would be the best song to describe her. She’s sensible and a deep thinker. Belly has always had a crush on Conrad, Jeremiah’s elder brother. Belly’s memories and beach rituals were dreamy and vividly described.

Conrad seems to be moody and more out of it this year. Conrad worships his dad. He’s a sensitive and mature. Being sensitive, makes him feel alone and he displays it in his actions.

Jeremiah and Belly are best friends. Jeremiah can be described as a momma’s boy. Belly and Jeremiah confide in each other. Steven seems like a typical brother character, in a good way!

To give everyone an introduction to what the book is about, Laurel (Belly and Steven’s mom) and Susannah (Conrad and Jeremiah’s mom) are best friends. Belly, Steven and Laurel always come down to Cousins Beach for the summer and stays at Susannah’s house. The house needs a special shout-out. I love that beach house!

Jenny Han’s writing seems really addictive. It’s easy to get lost in their world. The slight twists in the novel, are placed at the right places to keep the readers hooked to every page, and it did! I loved that the descriptions were kept to a minimum. The conversations between the characters flow beautifully, and it gives out ‘homely’ vibes. The characters of Conrad, Jeremiah and almost all the characters are structured out perfectly. The flow had me hooked.

I’m not sure if it will be everyone’s cup of tea, but it definitely was mine and the timing I came across the book again was on point.

The book is filled with smiles and tears!

My dream cast

Belly- Maia Mitchell

Conrad- Mena Massoud

Jeremiah – Timothee Chalamet

What did you’ll think? Let me know in the comments below!!


Nobody can have it all

One wishes to have all kinds of things

Simple stuff to incredulous miracles

One might want to turn back time

One might want to escape it all

The world can’t let you have it all

Experiencing all kinds of feelings

One might want everything to go their way

When people leave, one might want them to stay

One might want to be good at sports, and academics

One might want to be slim, have a pretty face

One might want to be brave and powerful

One might want to travel the world

One might want an eternal love,

One who thinks some people just have it all

Is unaware of the stories behind it all

Everybody’s got their own story

Cause as one says,

“Nobody can have it all”

One wants to look picture perfect

One might want to become famous

Anything and everything has consequences

As one grows their shadow does too

Judging people of their own kind… 



never glanced at each other
never exchanged words
thousands of miles away
from each other
Doubt you even know my existence
Still why do i feel you’re so close
linked by an otherworldly connection
how my actions
impact and affect you
sometimes i try harder for you
stupid as it might seem,
for you.

Face it!

Opportunity knocking on her door

A nightmare in disguise or vice versa

She couldn’t think

Mounting, surmounting pressure

Anxiety creeps in

Paralyses her cheery self

Afraid whether it’s gonna be another episode

Feels her friends drifting away

A conversation

Seems to provide relief 


Waiting for sleep

An escape away from it all

Come morning, everything sets back in.

She thinks,

‘Is it my fault? Am I wired wrong?’

‘Have I managed to break myself?’


‘Stand and fight’, her mantra

‘Take me away from it all’, another echoing voice

All she asks for,

A light, in this void of darkness

A hand, in the depth of gloom

A friend, in this moment of sadness

Where are they?

Betraying tears on the porch of her eyes

Threatening to spill

Improbable things she hopes to achieve

Goals, so stressful

To take her away from it all, her friend?

 Or help her get back to her?

Confide or not?

That she’s in this moment of sadness

What the hell are they gonna think of her

Should she have to explain herself (angry)

A potpourri of emotions overwhelm her

Mind and feelings all over the place

Fearing a breakdown, incoming…

Take it slow

One step at a time

Nobody likes her

Ain’t surprising, they don’t know her

They don’t know her story

So shut up and don’t judge her!


Numbed in my brain

Don’t know who’s who

I feel lonely and I’m confused

Pushed around by mean ticking hands

I feel like I could drown in tears

My teenage brain can’t handle this 

All along I feel like I’m in the wrong

You don’t seem to understand 

Thinking different things

Wanna scream

What I expect and what you expect

Are poles apart

You know I’m quick to change my moods

Forgiving and giving up being exceptions

You think I’m fine when I’m NOT…